About Backpackers Union, The Movie

I’ve had this idea that if you could capture the adventures that are inherent in backpacking around the world, and put them on a screen, people would be captivated.

The debauchery, the cultural mix, and promiscuity; but still waking up every morning and learning the local culture and history.

Having it so cameras would follow you, but you would be interactive with cameras and would court others into becoming the stars.

Every new destination would be a new stage, a new playground. Every new face an over caffeinated, under slept, overindulgent character. Your plots would unfold, dramatic twists would self develop.

Backpacking is a stage where cultures intertwine, commingle, and clash. A place where common sense is replaced by adrenalin, but somehow rarely renders consequences. A place, not where you find yourself, yet create yourself.

I have destinations but no itinerary. I want to capture the history, the culture, but more about the people, and their international personalities; both locals and travelers alike. The adventures would be inevitable.

Camera angles, the sound quality, not missing a shot will be tough. Although when you travel, particularly backpacking, the experiences are rolling. You miss an unforgettable moment; wait seconds and another will surface.

Capturing this debauchery, cultural mix, sex, history on film and splicing it together will be a challenging feat, but that’s what I intend to do.

Follow me as “we” make it happen. Backpackers Union.

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