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Dazed and Confused…

The race against winter has officially been lost.  It’s snowing in Krakow and I own a full wardrobe of winter clothes.  I’ve been decommissioned with a second cold which has slowed filming, blogging and traveling to a crawl.  BUT, the show must go on, so here’s the plan;

I fly to Kiev, Ukraine on Thursday.  From Kiev, I work on my Chinese Visa and flight to Asia.  After the administerial stuff is done; I explore.  Hopefully see Chernobyl, maybe visit Odessa (Although, I heard Odessa is only good for cheap beer and hot chicks.  So, I might skip it……) and a few other stops.

Once I get my Ukraine fill;  Asia.  My goal is Northern China then work my way south.  I’ll then bounce through Southeast Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, etc.), which because of the weather, couldn’t be more enticing.  Asia is also where filming gets kicked up a notch, so get phsyced!

From here (Croatia):


To here (Poland):


Why!!?  Only three weeks apart.

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