Belgrade, Serbia In Review – WTF!

Why would anyone want to go here?



JUST KIDDING! Belgrade is awesome! And because awesome means eight in Serbian (osam), which provoked much teasing, I’ll give you eight reasons why:

1. Fortress – One of the coolest sights in Belgrade, and arguably Europe. It’s old, it’s beautiful, it offers magnificent views, has cafe’s, museums (one of the coolest war museums I’ve seen, $1), art displays (discover America, ha) and on, and on… and it’s free!


2. Beautiful – It reminds you of most Eastern European cities which becomes more relevant with point 3.


3. Cheap – I love this. On a cost of living basis Belgrade its roughly 8x cheaper than Boston. What does this mean? If you earn 60k a year in Boston, in Belgrade you have an annual purchasing power of half a million dollars. Fun!


4. Friendly – Go out of their way to help and sincerely appreciate that you want to see their country. Unless you film them fighting at a club.

5. Clubs – Can go out any night of the week and they are packed

6. Girls – hot

7. Chicks – pretty

8. Babes – you get the point.

I discovered Belgrade because of other travelers. Outside of this network, Serbia is still a mystery. It seems to be struggling to shed its early 90′s reputation of war. However in 5 to 10 years Belgrade will be inline with Prague, Hungary and the other must see eastern European Cities but with one advantage; It’s cheap! A special thanks to Backpacker’s Lounge and our whole hostel family.


Oh, and by the way; that first picture, we did that… oops.  It housed the governing party before we came to say hello and they kept it as a memorial.

Sharing = happy traveler.
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