Part One – Tallinn. “Beer To The Rescue”

Two parts to this one; Tallinn the city and Tallinn Backpackers the hostel.

Many years ago Tallinn was invaded by the Dutch, and because of a non existent army, the people of Tallinn had to get creative with their tactics.  When the Dutch came ashore the people of Tallinn greeted them with open arms and lots of beer.  The Dutch were so touched by this gesture they said “we’ll wait to rape, pillage and kill you until tomorrow”!  Then got drunk.  While in a drunken stupor, Tallinn attacked and defeated the Dutch army.


Today Tallinn appears to be using a similar tactic, but this time using the beer to get your wallet.  The old town is absolutely stunning and surrounded by a medieval wall.  It’s easy to get lost for the day and enjoy their restaurants and historic architecture .  However, be warned; Their beer enticing tactics on the weekends turn the cobblestone streets into a playground for stag parties (bachelor parties), and drunk foreigners looking to save money and hit on the absolutely beautiful Estonian women.  The women however, appear to flee in order to avoid this beer hunting tourist invasion.


Outside of drinking and eating, there is a good walking tour with a theatrical attractive blond and a few worth while museums (Maritime museum that resembles Dr. Evils layer and a KGB museum on the top floor of a hotel that was once used by the KGB to spy on the foreign hotel guests).


Although, waking up in time for any of these attractions could be a challenge… (See part two).

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