Sofia, Bulgaria In Review

Hidden Bar, Sofia Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a long history and is arguably the oldest country in Europe, possibly the world (as surrounding countries were only territories). However to find this out I had to crash a going away party at a local bar where my history lesson was laid out. This is a common theme in Sofia as it doesn’t seem important to the city to share its history with outsiders. One local museum displaying ancient roman artifacts commonly explained its contents as “piece of metal”. What it does lack in historical information in makes up for in friendliness. Every night it was easy to chat up a few new friends and there seemed to be a genuine interest in hearing why you were there, regardless of whether it was curiosity or just shock.


Nightlife. Weeknights the city is pretty dead but on Friday and Saturday night bars and clubs are packed and playing your favorite selection of 80′s and 90′s pop music. Meeting girls for a westerner is pretty easy as curiosity becomes your wingman. However English Ryan (sincerely) made the point that Bulgarian girls are not looking for one night stands after taking his date to the mens room at Club Mixtape the previous night.

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