Tear In The Pack, Story By Adam – “Unsanctioned Pub Crawl”

“After traveling with my loser friend Carl for a month, our story of where we’re from and what we did got a little redundant, so a game was formed.  The game was to see who would be tripped up first on an improv’d story.

We built a portfolio of stories but one stood out above the rest;  Off duty pub crawl guides in Prague.  We where telling this story to seven girls from the U.S. in our hostel about 3 hours after we arrived in Prague and before we had seen any of the city.  The fictitious story quickly grew out of control as we struggled to trip each other up.  The story escalated when I offered to take them on our pub route at 9pm that night.  Because we knew nothing about Prague we had to run down to reception and have them highlight ten of their favorite bars on a tourist map.


At this point it was becoming too funny to stop.  So, at 9pm we strolled to the front of the hostel to discover over 30 people waiting for our “pub crawl”. The girls had spread the word around the hostel and what started as a small group quickly turned into a mob.  We had seen enough pub crawls at that point to feel confident about faking it, but what we hadn’t anticipated was the first bar on our map being a complete local dive bar (We had just asked reception for their favorites, not most popular…).  Strolling in to this bar with 30+ people, the bartender literally shut the music off and everyone just starred at us.  A few awkward minutes go by until the music came back on, but this time playing Green Day’s “American Idiot” as loud as the speakers could handle.  Our earlier shots of Absinthe helped us brush this off with a laugh, which seemed to entertain the locals enough to leave us alone.

About three bars and several drinks later, Carl and I quickly started getting lost in the unfamiliar city.  While we thought we provided a good explanation as to why, one of the girls finally looked at us and said ‘you are full of shit aren’t you?’.  Fortunately everybody was having enough fun to keep us in-charge in what turned into an epic night out.”



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