Tear In The Pack, Story By Chaz – “Welcome to Ukraine…”

“During a romantic fling in Russia, I quickly lost track of time.  An email from the friend who I had been traveling with asked if I had made it out of Russia in time.  He was refering to my visa which was expiring in one day, which if ignored, grants a pleasant border crossing arrest.  I quickly packed my bags and rushed to the train station catching the only train that would get me out of Russia in time (with only 2 hours left on my visa).  The train took me to Ukraine in the middle of nowhere arriving about 11pm.  In order to find a place to sleep I walked up to everyone I saw asking if they spoke english.  Running out of options I started knocking on random doors offering money for lodging.  I finally saw a man standing in his front door, so using hand gesturers I tried asking if I can walk on his property.  He gestured his pointer finger as to say “one minute”.   About 15 seconds later he comes back to the door, raises an AK-47 assault rifle, points to it, then points down the road.  I slept in the park.”



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