Travel Mistake #1

Trusting someone else to book an important ticket.

I’ll try to make this short and not rant.

Some of the cheapest transportation can only be booked on non-english websites, so it requires help.  I grappled with the decision to fly to Kiev or take a train over the cost.  The train would take much longer but save a little money.  Feeling sick, tired and in dire need to move to warmer climate quickly, I opted for the flight.

I had to trust a girl working at the hostel to book my ticket.


She booked me to the wrong city.

The flight ended up costing more than I was told and more than my entire stay at the hostel.  I didn’t catch the mistake because Gmail blocked the ticket until hours before my flight and the cities are spelt different in Polish.  I first realized the mistake when I heard the city announced over boarding call.

So, I traveled less than half the distance to where I needed to go at 8x the cost of a train.


At this point I don’t know if I should be pissed, cry, or just be appreciative that she was willing to help.  What I do know is this trip is costing me $135 dollars more than the train alone and taking me 16 hours longer than the correct flight… (it’s even 4 hours longer that if I took a train the whole way).

On second thought, I’ll go with pissed.

Editors note:  It’s a good thing I re-wrote this after I cooled down.  The original post was just four letters with a bunch of exclamation points… k.

Sharing = happy traveler.
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