The Thailand Survival Pack

Surviving in Thailand isn’t always easy. Weather you woke up with a sore ass or in a ditch on the side of the road, there is a guaranteed fix for anything Thailand can throw at you. First you must run over to the nearest 7 Eleven (The greatest store on earth and located every 20 feet in Thailand) and purchase the following.

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1. M-150 Energy drink. Illegal in most countries because it contains actual amphetamines.

2. Ham and Cheese Toasty. Should be illegal for countries not to have them because they’re so damn good! Ham and melted cheese inside a croissant, cooked right at the counter and ready to eat.

3. Chang… Oh, Chang. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to get back out there after your Toasty and M-150, Chang will decide for you. Change isn’t mixed during bottling, so drinking Chang is beer “Russian Roulette”. The bottle may say 6.4% alcohol, but in reality the alcohol content varies between 4-12%, a range you’ll identify 10 minutes after your first bottle.

Any traveler who has been to Thailand can identify these three at a thousand yards and there’s a reason; They’re not only good, they’re necessary to survive. You can thank me later.

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