Working, Kinda… Cambodia


Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’m now back in Cambodia.  Being chased by trainees and gangs of child thieves wasn’t enough to keep me away from this Kingdom.



But this time it’s less about capturing with a lens and more about playing catch up.  I’ve been traveling and filming for almost half a year and before I continue on I need to get organized and catch up on things I’ve neglected.  Here’s my list;

-Edit a trailer

-Back up 1.5 terabytes of files

-Edit two shorts

-Screen through music with Creative Common Licensees (If you’re an artist please send to [email protected].  Jibe Films legal page.  Thanks!)

-Catch up on the site (Stories that I’ve been too busy to post)

-Find and replace broken gear

-Re-film a botched time-lapse sequence in Angkor Wat (Third try, now a $105 shot)

-Hunt down a mailed package that still hasn’t arrived to Vietnam

-Start planning travel and filming in Sri Lanke, India and Nepal (Hopefully joined by the beautiful talented Photographer/ Filmmaker Fairlight Hubbard, co-owner of Eye Model Management!  Here’s a sliver of her amazing work.)


I’ve allotted two weeks to get this all done and fly out of Bangkok to Sri Lanke and start traveling north to Nepal.  However the missing package has jammed everything up.  So with hope as my only ally that South East Asia’s mail system may actually pull through, I will be charging forward.


The Bad News.

This all means me sitting around in a hotel room with a computer for two weeks depressed.

The Good News.

I’ll be feeding the Backpackers Union website with more solid gold.

Stay tuned!

(To help keep you’re attention…)


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