Back To Viet-F’n Nan – The Package From Hell, Chapter 2

So there’s one of two theory’s here;

1.  I was naive enough to think, “Hey I should have brought my IPhone for the Wifi, and since Sovereign Bank has been bending me over every ATM and raping me with ridiculous fee’s;  I’ll simply mail my IPhone and a new bank card to Vietnam”.  Noble prize worthy like thinking, right!  Wrong.


2.  Vietnam’s sending me a message;  “Hey Carl, the last month you spent being taught how your imperialist country pulled out the teeth and fingernails of every man woman and child for fun, while your American POW’s stayed at “Bed and Breakfast” like prison’s with; massage parlors, swimming pools and personal butler services… we don’t think you got the point.   So, you want your package, come back and get it… Punk!”.

Okay, I embellished on the “Punk” part.

Regardless of which theory you buy, I flew back to Vietnam yesterday.  The package that was going to take 6-10 days according to UPS, is on day 44 and counting.  Vietnam sent a letter saying they wont release the package without a copy of my passport and visa (which had long since expired).

You may be asking yourself, “is this package really worth it?”  Well, I have the dollar cost analysis, and pro’s and con’s sheet typed up; feel free to request a copy.

The good news:  Hanoi Backpackers is a great place to be stuck and I may be able to partner up with them for some filming.

Bad news:  $340 of flights, another $65 visa.  Sitting in a coffee shop in Hanoi when I should be on a beach in Sri Lanka, and Finally… I’m complaining to a bunch people who see my complaints as a good enough reason to slap me.


Editors Note:  On a serious note, these are mistakes that are easily avoidable, so I’ll write a quick post on how and why, coming up next…

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