Just Pumped On Life!

So my energy is still through the roof from getting my package, which waiting for was like a South East Asia prison sentence.  But I’m finally free from the oppressiveness of hot women and the beer that flows through Hanoi Backpackers!

With that I have some exciting news!…  but I’m not going to tell you, yet…

For now, all you’ll getting is this.

Castaway… I went on again.  This time as a “staff member”, or in other words a dude with a camera.  Soon all it’s amazingness will be brought to you fully cut and edited with all it’s luster.  (This is assuming my computer can handle Final Cut Pro X much longer which has been a graphics card slayer; i.e. my computers not equipped to handle the files I shoot and record in, which is why you don’t see as many videos as I would love to show you, as they’re awesome!).


Sharing = happy traveler.
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