New Slogan

I like “Never Stop Exploring”, but a small outdoor company called “North Face” beat me to it.  I discovered it when I Googled it and since then its lack of originality has bothered me.

To me, it meant, “Stay Hungry, Stay Curious”.  With North Face it feels more like, “Keep buying stuff”…

Regardless, walking around Kathmandu, Nepal the slogan is practically wallpapered to every street corner, just antagonizing me.


It only took me a minute to come up with a better, new and improved slogan, and my recovery period from Everest Base Camp has given me the time to change it.  Hope it does a justice!

Backpackers Union

*Since writing this, I have gone back to “Never Stop Exploring”, because it means more to me, and because just about everything these days is trademarked by some corporation…

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