Hong Kong To Philippines

Now in the Phillipines!  Hong Kong, and so far in the Phillipines, could mostly be described as a vacation from a vacation.  I’ve done stuff, but not a lot.  Although one activity in Manila did make me feel good about my self which I’ll talk about later.


A lot of people said to escape Manila as quickly as you can, and I now see why!  I stayed at a hostel with a Pool, Bar, and terrible view for an expensive $10 a day.  Really tough living!



*(The place was great and easy to meet people.  It’s called “Pink Manila” and is run and owned by and awesome girl from Florida.)

Manila was actually a lot better then most described and seems to be growing quite a backpacking culture.  It’s also said to have one of the most robust couch surfing committees in the world.  It has a good night life, shopping, it’s pretty affordable and you can get circumcisions the same place you buy rice.  Convenient!  But the islands are suppose to be amazing and that is why it’s my next destination.


Shortly I’m catching a flight to the islands with a crew of four (One Canadian guy and two Danish girls) and will get productive again.  So I hope.

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