Beach Life – The Philippines

Philippines had it’s work cut out for it, “Show me something I haven’t seen after 9 months of travel”.  Well it may have just risen to the challenge.


In fact, hardly anyone has seen it before.  There is no real backpacker trail.  There’s nothing it’s really known for.  In fact the Philippines doesn’t even know what to show you.  All they say in their commercials is, “Everything is more fun in the Philippines”.

What the hell is everything?

Well, everything’s not more fun, but exploring it is.  Philippines is an undiscovered gem in South East Asia.  A place where you could miss on several destinations before finding that spot that makes it all worth it!



Philippines is the spirt of backpacking.  It’s venturing into the unknown.  With over 7000 islands the possibilities greater than most will ever achieve.  With that being said, the only right way to do it is just go and figure it out as you travel.  However, if I ended there I suppose that would defeat the purpose of this site.  So here’s a synopsis of my journey.  19 days… go;

Manila – Stayed at Pink Manila.  Met a crew of travelers listening to music and drinking $2 bottles of rum in the roof top pool.  Did charity work in the projects handing out treats to kids and bags of rice to poor families.  Met up with Jaylee.

El Nido – Flew with three friends I met in Pink Manila.  Celebrated Tyler’s birthday by bribing a shop clerk to sell us whiskey during a 3 day election liquor ban.  Got a little overly wild then day tripped to three beautiful islands.



Coron – Split from the girls then took an eight hour boat ride.  Tyler and I rented Scooters with a Dutch couple, drove to an isolated sketchy beach then moved on to an amazing hot spring (Even though it was already 100 degrees out).


Cebu City – Flight.  First experience with Jolly Bees (Bad Philippines version of McDonald’s).  Jumped on boat.

Bohol – Stayed in bungalow in the Jungle (Nids Bungalows).  Searched all afternoon for scooters to take to chocolate hills.  Failed. Jumped back on boat.

Met Jaylee back in Cebu City… another boat.


Camotes – Took advice from random traveler and headed here with Jaylee. This was the “spot”.  (See, The “Secret”).


From Camotes took a Jeepney, Ferry, Bike trike, Van, Taxi, Plane, Bus, and another Taxi to get back to Manila, played a little more, then headed to Japan.

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