Leaving Warsaw I was pissed to discover some tall ugly dude cooking our food in the kitchen and we had just gone shopping for ingredients based on what we had leftover in the fridge (clearly labeled). He looked suspicious and was cooking in the dark when I confronted him asking where he got the eggs, “Marr-ket…”. With no evidence I had to settle with snide remarks under my breath until I realized his eggs shells had the same serial number as our empty carton. I was pissed! Not because he took our food, but because people around the world fantasize about the day they catch the asshole who steals from the common room fridge and I caught him red handed and there was nothing I could do but lecture him as he shook his head “I, no stand…”.

All we could settle with is karma comes full circle. Few hours later trying to catch a train, a polish kid ran with us to help us find our connection in time despite arriving to his destination. On the right train but hungry, a polish women gave us a sandwich and cookies and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So on the right train with a full stomach I think back to that jerk who stole our food but in the end got kicked to the street. Karma.

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