A Legend In Pink

When I was at the Full moon party in Koh Phangan we had a tight-knit family of fellow travelers staying at the hostel.  There was one person staying there that didn’t talk to anyone and only appeared a few times in five days.  I didn’t think much of him because we never spoke… but after a few additional sightings I now realize, I would be doing my life a disservice if I didn’t find him and beg him teach me his ways.  Here’s all I know:


  • Island of Ko Phangan, 4:00am. Hostel – Sleeps with random girl in what was described by other traveler as “Most aggressive silent sex I’ve ever seen”.  First sighting after second day of check in.
  • Island of Koh Tao, 1:00am, 38 miles from original sighting. Bar – Walks by me in hot pursuit of group of girls.  Success unknown.
  • Bangkok, Ko San Road 8:00pm, 290 miles from original sighting – Walks by the bar I’m in, down the road in hot pursuit of blond girl (See photo).  Effort failed.
  • Thailand/ Cambodian Border 1:00pm, 429 miles from original sighting – Getting visa.


  • Siam Reap, Mad Monkey Hostel, 7:00pm, 519 miles from original sighting – On roof top bar wasted talking to group of girls.
  • Siam Reap, 11:00am, 519.1 miles from original sighting – See at the end of the road, driving by in a Tuk Tuk drinking a beer… 11:00am.

During all of the legendary sightings, he wears the same iconic pink tank top and radiates unlimited amounts of swag.  I hope he will accept me under his wing and teach me his ways!


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