What Is Kazantip?

A while ago I mentiond “Kazantip” in Ukraine, the festival where I was suppose to start my trip but I never made it, which is a damn shame.  Even though I missed it I think it’s something the world should know about.  There are festivals and parties everywhere but I have never heard or seen anything as creative and cool as this one.


Quick History

The Kazantip Republic started in an unfinished nuclear reactor and was eventually moved to it’s current location on the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea in Southern Ukraine.  It began as a party to celebrate the end of summer and the wind surfing season.

Today the festival draws huge crowds of hot babes and Russian mafia and lasts about one month (from mid July to mid August).  The Z Games take place during the day (Ukraine’s version of the X Games) and the partying never really stops.


What makes it so cool?

To enter the festival you must buy a single or multiple entry ViZa which officially makes you a citizen of the “Republic of Kazantip”.  You then must abide by the Republic’s constitution and if you find the right guy/girl, you can get legally married… well until you leave, then the marriage is void.  There’s a “President” who drives around in his hummer and a DJ list that evolves throughout the month.  While the republic forbids “sex tourist” and drugs, it encourages free love and alcohol, with emphasis on “safety”.

I’ll let these videos take over from here, but sadly they don’t do justice to the original videos I saw, but it’s all I could find.

Safe for work.

Not enough?  Here’s one more video.

PS. One word of warning.  A festival appears to be trying to use the success of the original Kazantip in Ukraine to start an unofficial one in Portugal.  Again; didn’t make it, so can’t confirm or deny, but use caution if you’re planing a trip.  Kazantip Official Website.

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