Hanoi Vietnam To Kuala Lumpur Malaysia To Kathmandu Nepal, 23 Hours…

Hanoi – Left


Kuala Lampur – Had 15 hours and 10 minutes to do everything that had to be done.  So, I grabbed a hostel and threw my stuff in it.  Jumped on a bus, met four girls.  Went out to dinner with them.  Saw the towers with them.  Went home with them… jet lag, I guess the last part didn’t happen.




Grabbed a beer with a good dude and his fiance from Kyrgyzstan who worked at two local hostels (Including mine).  They showed me around the city until about 4-5am then I took an hour nap.

Jumped on a second plane to Kathmandu and woke up on the tarmac.


Kathmandu – Joined up with Tyler and Brandon and bought more fake North Face gear and other equipment then I have real cloths in preparation for the 14 day hike to Everest base camp.

Got on a 14 seater plane and flew to the most dangerous airport in the world with my bag of camera gear and a -20 degree sleeping bag.

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