I’m So High Right Now I Shouldn’t Be Writing This…

I’m at the last real town on the way to Everest base camp, and although I’m at 11,600 feet, the internet is surprisingly strong (I guess going online at $17 a day keeps people off Facebook).  However, this will be the last time I’ll see a real town or internet for over a week as we trek further up.

Kids Nepal
The welcoming party at “Tenzing Hillary Airport” in Lukla Nepal.

While this post is proof that our turbulent flight to the worlds most dangerous airport landed safely, I will be offline for several days.  Probably a good thing as this altitude and trekking turns your brain into mush (and we’re not that high yet).



To keep everyones attention I devised a plan;  While I’m trekking I’m going to select a few post to go up automatically.  Not sure what yet… but know it’s going to be epic!

So hang in there!


Our Team (The Misfit Hunters): Flower Bandit, Rubber Man, DP, Locks-A-Nator, Bimbo Baggins and Me (Schmidt).


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