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Murphy’s Law Strikes Again…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Murphy’s Law”, it states “What can go wrong, will go wrong”, and I’m a firm believer in it.

I have always approached this project with; there are those who do, and those who try.  The difference is those who do have something to show for all their effort while those who try have a list of excuses (or in the eloquent words of my high school football coach “Excuses are like assholes.  Everyones got one and they all stink”).  So, as problems arise I try to address them and move on.


That being said, I think “murphy’s law” has tried to make me his bitch from day one of this project when he crashed a $3000+ computer system the very first day of the pre-production work, which was needed to handle 95% of work load.  The very first day…  and he continues to strike on.  While I try not to whine about the myriad issues I face along the journey, I figure my misery may just serve as your entertainment:

Film Releases
Some of video and location releases drying on a table after a bottle of Carlsberg exploded in Poland and completely soaked their folder. Fortunately I was able to safely peel them apart, dry them and save the hours of footage they release.

To bang out the list of things I need to get done from my last post I needed one thing; a hotel with a good internet connection.  I chose Siem Reap Cambodia for a few reasons, I wanted to re-film something, I have friends here for when I’m depressed from staring at a computer and it’s relatively quiet.

Well, the internet here sucks!  Why does it suck?  Because the hotel has no power.  Why no power.  Because the entire city of Siem Reap Cambodia has no power.

So I just traveled 13 hours on a bus from a nice quiet beach, with nice internet, and nice people to… lksadjfl;akkjhdfjklsv.asdjfU<kasahhhhhhhhhh!!!

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